Monday, June 25, 2007

Vegas - Day Three 18th June

Now when I was preparing this trip I asked a few questions of people who had been before, as to where to stay, how to travel,etc.
I asked their advice and was told 'Make sure you stay on the Strip', and 'Get a Direct flight' - I ignored the advice totally, staying about 4 miles South of the strip in 'South Point Hotel Casino' and flying via Detroit.
My decision to stay off strip was in hindsight a poor one, whilst the hotel was excellent, and 'Steak n Eggs' before 9am was a measly $2.95 (£1.50), the money I spent in late night taxis back from the strip, and time I spent on Shuttle buses going to the Strip, I would have been much better paying the bit extra a night and staying at a little better strip hotel - Bills Gamblin Hall is ideal situated, and all the reviews I have seen said how good the rooms are.
However my decision not to fly direct I feel was a good one, it breaks up the journey into a 8hr and 4hr flight, and some of the time spent in transfer airport is taken up with Customs, which means when you arrive at Vegas you can just pick up your bag and walk strait out the airport - as all the customs delays are sorted at the transfer airport.
Today we all 3 played in the Planet Hollywood $60 tourney, and whilst me and Alan fell early doors - Brian won the damn thing !! -and generously paid mine and Alan our $60 back, plus bought us a grand buffet lunch in Planet Hollywood.
Afterwards we went to watch the climax of the Razz tourney where Jonathan, finished 13th for $5k

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BurnleyMik said...

Well done in your cash in the $60 tourney!!

I await the next chapter....