Monday, July 16, 2007

A New Season Beckhams

As David Beckam starts his new career with LA Galaxy in the US, back home August 11th heralds the start of a new English Football Season , the Minor Leagues actually start a week early - with the SPL beginning on August 4th. Now I haven't really seriously followed Football for a few years, since I discovered Poker, but I've always kept an eye on the results, and to-fro in the Transfer and Rumour Markets.
I try to keep an eye on the results of my 2 local sides Sheffield United, and Chesterfield, as its always nice when the local teams have a degree of success. Although last year they both managed to get themselves relegated from their respective divisions !!

Anyway I have a 'inkling' that Chesterfield will do very well this year in Division 2, and I will be investing some of my 'hard earned' on them to do so(14/1 I can see with Dones). Traditionally the teams relegated from Division 1 have done well in the lower division the following year, and I think that all 4 relegated the previous year finished with either automatic promotion or a play off position this year. Chesterfield sacked Roy McFarland as manager at the end of last season, and the jury is still out on Lee Richardson his replacement, but he has signed an excellent goal scorer in the form of Jack Lester from Nott'm Forest - and feel they are sure to bounce right back to Division 1.
I don't feel so confident about Sheffield United, I have very little faith in Bryan Robsons abilities as a Manager, and Brian Kidd is another I feel who is living off the reputation he earned as a player, and has done absolutely nothing in Managerial positions. I predict a frustrating season for the Blades with a best hope of Play Offs. I do however fancy Charlton to make great strides in the Championship, Alan Pardew is a good manager who was once touted as a future England Boss - Charlton aren't really a side full of big names but as a team they play some nice football and I expect them to do very well this year.

So my 2 ante post bets for the soccer season will be Charlton (Championship) and Chesterfield (Division 2) - Each Way Singles and Each Way Double should hopefully return a nice profit.

I might even throw Nott'm Forest in for the treble.


Yorkshire Pudding said...

Brian Kidd is shocking, how he ever worked for Scum is beyond me. He was a total donkey when he came to Leeds, the training was God awful. I don't think Robbo can manage either. He was an awesome player but every team he's managed has gone down, despite spending millions.

voiceofjoe said...

Agreed, I'm sorry to say :(.
Although looking on the bright side and least having Robbo there will increase the profits in the Club Bar !!