Sunday, July 22, 2007

Sold down the River

I've had one of those nights tonight, where no matter what what I did I manged to lose the big hands. Three instances spring to mind

1. Cash Game - I'm on the button and there are 2 Limpers before me, I raise 4*BB with AKs(Diamonds), both call.I flop the nut straight when TJQ hit the board, the TJ are both diamonds giving me the GutShot Royal Strait Flush and Flush Draw. First to act bets twice the pot, I call. The turn comes another Jack he bets again, I put him all in. He turns QJ to show the full house !! - The river comes K, and I've done my buy-in. (He didn't hold the Q diamonds, so I reckon he had just 3 outs to beat me)

2. STT - I'm chip leader in the BB, holding K3 up against 1 caller flop comes K53 (2 clubs) - I bet the pot, he calls the turn comes a blank, I go all-in - he thinks a long while and calls of all his chips, the river comes 8 clubs - and he turns T5c for the flush.(OK - He had 9 outs on the River, but wasn't packing a brilliant Flush Draw only holding the T)

3. Same tourney,against same player - he's chip leader,I'm second by about 300 chips - on the bubble only. He Limps UTG position, I make up the BB from the SB with K8s - the flop comes all diamonds, giving me the 2nd nut flush. I check, he bets the pot, I come over the top all-in, he calls - he has flopped a Set of 3s. Turn is Ace,River is Ace he gets the Full House and I'm out on the bubble. (Their Outs - 6 on the Turn,9 on the River)

Apart from maybe scenario 2 I cant really blame them for calling, its just so frustrating when they hit having so few outs.

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