Sunday, July 22, 2007

Poker Game of Skill - Official

I was playing live at Creswell on Friday evening, I had made an awful call in the tourney, and was out early - so we started a short handed low stakes cash game.
We had been playing about 30mins and the lad on my left, who was doing well, needed a piss,before the next hand was dealt,so he threw enough in to call the blind (He was on the button) and nipped to the loo, then the cards where dealt while he was in the loo, The play passed around to the Big Bling who raised the Pot. We shouted to the lad in the loo that the Big Blind had raised 5*BB and, from the toilet he replied 'Fuck It, I'll call !'
The BB couldn't believe his luck and the flop was dealt.
We had AK5 on the flop and the BB raised again, the lad just got back from the loo and called before picking his cards up. The next card was dealt and it was another Ace - the Big Blind went All-In. The lad from the toilet at this point had just looked at his cards for the first time - he said to the BB, "All-In, are you sure ??!" - pause - "I'll call then"
He then promptly turned over AA giving him Quad Aces !! - A superb example of the undoubted skill required to play poker - slow playing AA to perfection whilst sat 30 yds away in the toilet !!

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Great anecdote!