Monday, August 27, 2007

Goodbye Dear Friend

Hello - This is 'Joes Blog' speaking, I'm just hijacking this post to say goodbye to a dear 'Blog'Friend of mine.
I was given the sad news on Saturday, that a very good 'Blog' friend of mine is no more, he apparently complained of 'feeling tired' and ceased to be shortly after - saying goodbye to this world on '25 August 2007, 22:46:27 '. I would have paid my respects earlier, but it has taken this long to believe he has actually gone.
So I would just like to say a few words in honour of the blog that was The Cloud:Poker and Life .
He was the blog who I always attained to be, my very own 'Blog Idol', it was because of 'Baldys Blog', as I affectionately called him, that I tried to vary my presentation - to include a little bit of me, not just Poker,Poker,Poker. I also learned from his little mistakes, and realised that when people have faces made for Radio that they shouldn't display there mugshots for all to see - hence no photo of my author'Joe'.
The Cloud:Poker and Life hadn't been himself lately, undergoing a personality change a few weeks ago - but after a little rehab and a few bottles of red wine, we all believed he was back, as good as ever. But no it was all a brave front, and Saturday came the sad news of his demise.
Hopefully, someone will save him from the big recycle bin in the sky, and purchase the rights to his beautiful anecdotes, putting them into the 'British Blogging Museum' so they can be preserved for prosperity - a blog we can proudly show our children, and our children's children.
Such blogging classics as 'The Sausage Cob', 'The Minogue Sandwich' to name but two.
Many a night I had sat into the early hours reading his anecdotes, and chuckling away to myself - you could always while a way the first few levels of an MTT reading the comments alone.
Anyway hes gone now, and all we have are our memories and the thought that one day hopefully his offspring Cloud Anxiety and the Malevolent Curve reaches the same dizzy heights.


The Cloud said...

I'm welling up here....
(apart from the baldy bit - you could have least have said folically challenged!!)

And never fear - the offspring will follow in it's fathers footsteps!!

Yorkshire Pudding said...

Hi, can you change the link to my blog? My old one got hacked so I've had to start a new one!