Thursday, August 30, 2007

Please Princess Di(e)

Unless you live on Mars, or a currently in some comatose state - you will have been made aware that Princess Diana (Queen of Hearts !?) died 10 years ago this week, hunted to her death by those 'camera clicking scum' the paparazzi .... the same 'scum' who she had used remorselessly, since her divorce, as Worldwide PR Men in her attempts to discredit Charles and the Royal Family.
If your a Daily Express reader you probably already know more about her than her Mother (that's not saying a lot as I probably know more about her than her Mother) as shes been on the front page at least 3 times every week for the last decade, yet still 10 years later we are still being treated to 'Diana Exclusives' , and now this week everyone who she ever farted within 3 miles of has come crawling out of the woodwork - 'to pay their special tribute'.
Now she wasn't a bad looking lass for a Royal,(again that's not saying a lot, and a bit skinny for my liking) but that was the limit of her 'talent'. I think if she had lived during the past 10 years she would definitely have appeared on at least one series of Celebrity Big Brother - strip away her Royalty connection, and that's all she was (is) .... a bulimic Jade Goody

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

Glad someone feels the same about her as me. She was a high class whore. So what if she kissed some African kid with AIDS or campaigned against landmines. She loved cock and got bumped off by the Queen as they couldn't have the heir to the throne's mother shagging an Arab.