Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Hendon Mob Game

Played in the first Hendon Mob League game tonight, these are weekly Tourneys organised via the Hendon Mob Forum. I expected to feel a little out of my depth here, with a $11 Buy-In and it being organised by a top Poker Forum.
Plus the prize structure for the final League placings offers great opportunities to get to next years WSOP, with 4*$4000 Packages - and people down to 16th in the league having chance to win them.
Anyway I started of steadily, with minimal involvement during the first 2 Levels - being on Full Tilt the level structures are excellent IMO. Third level I picked up 2 nice early level type pots, raising with 95 d from the Cut Off, and getting a small re-raise from the BB, and I called.
He re-raised to get the call, but I'm not to upset calling the extra 100+ chips - I have a hand that is easy to get away from,yet has the potential to bust the guy. The flop comes Qd 8h Jd, he puts in a bet of 320 into the pot of 500 - it looks a weak bet. So I go over the top all-in asking him to put in another 600 chips to play. He does so and flips AcKd - poor bet on the flop IMO, he's now pot committed and betting into someone who showed strength pre-flop, as it stands he is actually still in front, but there wasn't a lot of hands that he could actually have been beating.
Anyway Turn is a blank, but I hit my flush on the River when the Td drops.
About 4 hands later I bust a smaller stack when holding 5c5s I see a cheap flop that drops 3c4c6c and I call his all-in push - he holds QQ, I have flush and straight flush and straight possibilities and the 2s falls on the turn giving me another nice return.
Things then get a little up and down, and as the blinds rise its a lot of pre flop poker that is the order of the day. I anyway with a lot of patience and a little luck (getting 2 more fives on the board when holding A5 all-in against Ak) I eventually bust out in 9th on the final table.
My luck deserted me in my final hand when I get a caller for my All-In re-raise and he shows AJ vs my AQ, but first card on flop is a J and I'm out.
Still thought I played very well, and was more than a match for the players I came across tonight

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FatBoyFat said...

Nice result last night pal. Would have liked to joined you on the final table but got caught out pushing with a low M.

Hopefully we'll both be playing for a seat come the end of the league.