Monday, August 06, 2007

Multi Tabling - Multi Losses

Read an article in last months Inside Poker about how Multi Tabling increases your profits, also been reading Mike Brooks' excellent blog describing how he regularly plays 12 tables at a time - and hence makes a good living playing at just the $1-$2 Limits.
So though I'd give it a another go, I had done it previously on the Micro Limit Tables on Poker Stars, without much success.
Sat down with 3 tables open on Prima 0.10/0.20 and started off steadily - however things suddenly went a little pear shaped when I ran my 77 into KK on a board of 235. End of the 2hr session and I'm down by $30+ dollars.
I think I'm going to have to concede and say this Multi Tabling lark isn't for me - I like to get to know my tables strengths and weaknesses, and with more than 1 table open I find I'm just playing the cards and not being able to recognise peoples betting patterns.

So to make the profits that I want to at Cash Games, to earn a nice side income, I'm simply going to have to improve my game and work my way up through the levels - one table at a time !


BurnleyMik said...


Spotting betting patterns takes lots of cencentration and taking notes, but is invaluable at cash games.

Dremeber said...

When playing multiple tables you can only play the cards. Forget betting pattern, reads and stuff like that what you are used to use in a SNG or MTT.
I'm trying to play 3 tables at once at ultimate with changing succes!