Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July Summary ..... August Summery ??

July Summary .... there's 2 words that you haven't heard used together much in 2007, what with all the rain and flooding we've encountered .....anyway

By the time I get online tonight it will be August, so a summary of July shows $246 profit. However my profit peaked on 19th so the last 1/3 rd of the month has been a little less successful.

My plans for the month were to play Live more regularly - I still haven't visited Rileys, but did get down to Ace of Clubs a couple of times, although made a loss on both visits.
I also said I should try and play more online tourneys as I felt that was my strongest discipline, again I didn't !! But in the 7 tourneys I did mange I was pleased with my play and had Final table cashes in 2, a smaller cash in another and near bubble experiences in 2 others. The highlight being my 2nd place in Bloggerment 19.

Cash games have again proved good, (previous post excepted) I moved up another level towards the end of the month, trying to play up my profits - but will probably move back down to 0.12/0.25 in August and see how if I can generate some profit again.

My big failing has been in STT's, and more specifically the 18 man STT's on Full Tilt - which I used to see as good profit builders, I have now failed to cash in my last 10 -and aligned with a bad cash session ,my Balance on Full Tilt has dropped quite dramatically.

Next month sees a week off work, that may be taken up with Home Improvements ! - but hopefully the decorating will be out of the way by the middle of the month.
I also change my job this month which will see an end to shift working and I intend to target a few of the Punters Lounge Monthly leagues during August, as shift working meant that it was impossible to devote the time required to profit from a nice league position.

The Hendon Mob League starts this month, which I will give a shot at - and probably these will be my only activity on Full Tilt, as I'm leaving the 18 STT's alone a while.

Cash games - I need to find a site with a decent Bonus structure, the Paradise one I had last month was great but unfortunately it ended a couple of days ago.

On the live front I intend to cash at least once on my visit to Creswell.And the wife goes away for a shopping trip to Newcastle on the 18th, so I may rail Mike Saban at the Gala Casino Tourney,Leeds , that day if he chooses that as part of his Betfair Prize Package.

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Yorkshire Pudding said...

When is the Leeds one? I have to near enough pass Gala on my way home so might pop in and say hi