Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Worst Single Cash Hand... Ever

Hand is here - My Worst Single Cash Hand ... Ever
My commentary on the hand is below

Playing 0n 0.25/0.5 Paradise last night, I began very passively then realising (perhaps mistakenly as it turned out) that there was a lot of poor players on the table, I began to become more aggressive. Raising pre-flop with a 'wide range' of hands, quite accurately assessing their hands as well as mine post flop - and basically riding up a nice $40 profit, without hitting any major starting hands, I then had a few 'setbacks' but still sat with a $10 profit when I finally hit a decent starting hand - looking down at AsAd , nice.
I limper before me, and a new player who had put in the BB to begin playing, and I raised the pot to $3-50 from the Big Blind. The limper folded and the new player called.
The flop was an awful looking JJQ (2 spades) - I was first to act thinking his starting hands could well include QQ,JJ,AJ,JQ - probably only hands I'm still ahead of are AQ,AK,KK,KQ,TT. I'm probably laying this down to a big bet, however he checks - but I'm pretty confident he's as wary as me and isn't trapping.
The turn drops the 8 spades, that can't have improved his hand at all -but gives me the draw to the Nut Flush. Time to build the pot, another $3-00 ,he calls
The River brings another lovely spade in the shape of the 9. I push all-in hoping he thinks his AQ,AK,KK is in front, and sure enough I get the call I wanted.... but he turned TT with the Ten of Spades giving him the Strait Flush. ..... bollocks
He doubles his buy-in first hand and now I'm $40 down.
Another beat I had during the session was when I also pushed all-in with TT on a 779 board and got a caller with AK, who hit his King on the River.
I actually rebuilt my stack back up to a small profit,over the next hour - but then I made a horrendous push with Top Pair (Medium Kicker) on a raggy board, and got called by top pair,Ace Kicker, to end the session $55 down.
My thoughts looking back, ignoring the last stupid push, the remainder of the session I felt I played quite well ... so played quite well and lost $55 !!, heaven help me when I play badly

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