Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bloggerment 19 .....

Played in the Bloggerment Tourney tonight on Pokerstars, first time I've played for a long time as I had a little money back in Stars following a placing in a Poker Player Freeroll.
Thought I played very well throughout, and was unlucky to finish 2nd.( I don't know every ones blogs, so apologies if I don't Hyperlink the names).

Started off steadily, lying mid position of the 39 players for most of the first hour, then took a large pot of Cogsgoigne when I limped UTG with AK and re-raised his AQ Button raise - with a flop of JJA, I raised and was then put All-In , a King on the River just rubbed a little more salt in to his wounds.
I held my position for a couple more levels then put in a 'disguised' raise in early position of just less than 3 times the BB - holding 84s, got I caller in the shape of BurnleyMik, the flop was a very scary one full of clubs, we checked it down to the River when a 4 came, giving me a very weak pair, I put in a min raise and Mik called just showing Ace-Ten for Ace High. I would have folded to the raise but I could have course been slow playing a flopped flush !

I'm sure the above hand then led to Mik playing a bit loose 2 hands later when I was SB vs BB and, after it was folded around, I raised 2.5 times BB holding A9. Mik called and after I checked the flop of 5JT Mik put in an 800 raise into the pot of 1000 - it seemed like a raise that didn't want a call, so I re-raised and Mik correctly worked out that I also had missed the flop and went all-in, however with only 500 more to call off for a pot of over 5000, aligned with the fact I thought he was weak anyway, I had no choice but to call - Mik showed K7,and my Ace High held up.That put me on 9000 chips and and when a short stacked Kronstadt pushed A8 into my KT and I hit a T on the flop I was riding high with over 11000 chips.
Another short stack Al Eleven called off JJ a couple of hands later when I re-raised him all-in falling to my AT when I hit the Ace on the Turn and Ten on the river.

That left us with 6 left and 5 paid - the dreaded bubble !! - I was lying in second place, and used the bubble to my advantage raising seemingly every hand without a call.However all good things come to an end and I went on 'reverse' tilt - calling hands I had no right to losing a big pot to surflexus, I was dumped back into 4th place. The bubble finally burst with Suffolk Punch being the unfortunate player, and I then bounced back hitting another 7 to go with the Pocket Pair against surflexus, I eventually bust him out in 5th place.
Special mention here for MikeSaban who was short stacked for almost the entire bubble play, he was all-in against me about 4 times and manged to win every one. However Mikes luck failed him eventually busting in 4th.
Weegem had been very quiet on the final table but had kept his stack level fairly high, until the increasing blinds forced him to push with 47 unfortunately I was holding QQ and put him out in 3rd.
Heads Up against dremeber, and I held a 2-1 chip lead. I maintained the lead for a good few hands then came the hand that did for me.Holding just over a 2-1 chip lead all the money went in the middle with me holding A8 vs A4 the flop was 3 blanks, the turn was an Ace - the river was another 4 !!
Agony ...... the lead had changed .... another big pot for dremeber when I folded on the river against a strong all-in, and I was then hoping for a big slice of luck. It didn't come and I went out when dremeber flopped the Broadway Nut Straight against a poor call, pre-flop, by myself holding just J9s.
Pleased with how I played, and enjoyed the friendly banter on the tables - little upset about my 'tilt' after losing what could have been the decisive hand to the rivered Four ..Still $47 and a nice few hours of enjoyment


Dremeber said...

Great play in the bloggerment.
Sorry for the A4 situation. NEver should have called it but I had put you on a K something or even nothing after your bullying around just before and after the bubble.


voiceofjoe said...

No problem - Good Point about the bullying play, doing it to often people begin to disbelive when you do have a hand. And the KK vs AA earlier !! - Three handed, it wasn't to be my night this week - i'll get revenge next time ;)

BurnleyMik said...

Your aggression in the bloggerment later stages was awesome mate. Really hated you bullying the crap out of me!!! Hence the nice little tilt before I bust! hahaha. Respect though because you forced me to make a mistake and thats what poker is all about. Congrats on your second place and great work scoring for Team England!!!