Thursday, August 09, 2007

Just when you thought you'd cracked it ...

.... Just as I thought this cash game lark is easy, I now can't seem to buy a hand - never mind have a winning session. No matter what site I try, I'm hitting nothing - then the more frustrated I get the more stupid things I do.

I'm over $120 dollars down on cash games since the start of the week - I've won a bit back playing tourneys and STT's but my overall figure is in the red so far this month. I'll take the positive view and say its early doors yet so I should manage to turn it around by the end of the month - as opposed to the negative view of, its early doors yet I could lose a lot more.

So time to take a break from the cash games for a while and concentrate on STT's, and MTT's when the time allows.

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Anonymous said...

take yer time and bak to basiks