Sunday, August 12, 2007

Its all Kicked Off

The English Football Season began yesterday, my 2 Divisional wagers (Charlton,Chesterfield) remain unbeaten - OK so they neither of them won, but hey !
Sheff United also drew, but from listening to the radio reports - played well, and my pre-season concerns regarding Robson & Jerome may be unfounded, lets hope so.
In the Premiership, it was nice to see Sam Allardyce's Newcastle get off to a good start, I believe big Sam could be the catalyst to bring some deserved Silverware to Tyneside this year - an excellent manger in charge of a big team. Also nice to see Sunderland start the season on a positive note, with a win over the over-hyped under achievers who are Tottenham Hotspur.

But the best result in the Premiership must be Sven Erikssons Man City, stuffing the West 'Am - lets hope the only bubbles that Alan Curbishley and Co. will be blowing this year will be out of their arses as the sink without trace into their rightful home the Championship.
I couldn't understand why West Ham weren't second or third favorites for relegation, being as they should have been relegated last year, and they have since off-loaded their 'Non-Contractual' player,Carlos Tevez, to their end of season co-conspirators Man United.

I know it was only week 1, but it looks like being another difficult season for Wigan, and Bolton also followed on a bad finish to last season with a bad start to this season - what price Neil Warnock being in charge of one of these 2 clubs before the end of January, or even at West Ham ! - now that would be funny


Amatay said...

Thx for the comments on my blog, i'll link you up mate. Bit harsh on WestHam though there fella, im a hammer myself!! Come on you irons!

voiceofjoe said...

Sorry Amatay,I'm just a bitter Blades fan - whats done is history, I need to let bygones be bygones

BurnleyMik said...

Glad to see good ol footy back!

Sunderland were a suprise package against Tottenham, which was good to see and I agree Sam Allerdyce is exactly what Newcastle needed!