Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Time for a Siesta

My Poker, and confidence have hit a low ebb currently - It started with the bad cash sessions mentioned in earlier posts, then I stupidly decided to play higher stakes to get the losses back. I went on the $1-$2 7 Card Stud on Crypto - was a little up, then a little down - as you expect with Limit, I had been playing into the early hours was a little tired and then got involved in a raising war with the player to my right. I held AAKK first four cards and I could see my opponent was chasing his Flush, he hit and I missed. So that was the $40 buy-in gone.
Its not so much the buy in loss that narks me, just my own stupidity chasing my losses by upping my stakes, I'm usually over-cautious (probably too much) when I have hit a bad run.
Anyway that was Sunday so since then I have restricted my participation to a couple of low STT - were I got a 3rd and a nowhere (In front calling an All-In Bluff and he hit a Flush on the River)
I have then played a Freeroll, and the Hendon Mob League Game tonight, not doing a lot wrong in either but going out early in both.
In the Virgin Freeroll, I got all-in holding QQ against 2 opponents who turned AJ and 99, the board came 4 diamonds and the bloke holding 99 was the only one of us holding a diamond.
Then in the Hendon Mob Game, I was playing steadily, then first time I tried to steal I run into AA.
So I am having a 'Siesta' from Poker for the remainder of the week(not quite a full break, but restricted access). I'll play the Ace of Clubs online game Thursday, along maybe a couple of Freerolls and then hopefully come good for the Deep Stacks Live game at Ace of Clubs on Friday night.
The weekend will probably be a blank as far as Poker goes as I am laying another laminate floor, then my targets for remainder of the month will be drop down a level and play to enjoy it again as opposed to worrying about the Bankroll. I'm resigned to having my first losing Month since July 2006, but I need to get a little confidence back in my game to put me in the right frame of mind for September


Neil Ross said...

cheers for leaving a comment, just linked your blog to mine.

good luck round the tables


dD said...

siesta - good idea

moving up to chase - bad idea

drop down & enjoy - good idea

gl at the felt



Kenn said...

hello mate i linked you up

i do play on other sites and now that i have trf some funds to neteller you will probably see me playing the $30 rebuy on PP again