Thursday, August 16, 2007

King of Clubs

As I promised my Siesta continued tonight, with just the WSOPE Freeroll (Finished 174 of 414), and the Ace of Clubs Online League, which saw 17 starters. I was pretty aggressive early picking up AK twice, and betting it well. Raising in the SB and calling a Re-Raise from a LAG in the BB, forcing his fold on the turn. Then Re-Raising on the Button and playing out the board winning against AQ.
I then hit a lull, were I was concentrating on both tourneys - and getting engrossed with the insults and comments flying around in the Chat box. So turned off the Chat box and played TAG eventually hitting the Final table just in time for the break.
The table had 2 big stacks and everyone else was pretty much within a few 100 of each other, I was in the pack around 6th overall. I waited until we had lost a few more, then began to pick my targets - knowing a few of the folks from the Club, I had an idea how some of them played - I attacked the tighter players, and re-raised the looser players. I then hit a nice run of cards JJ vs the second placed bod who held KT, I Re-Raised him all-in on a JT4 board.Next a standard 3*BB raise UTG holding KK, and Short Stacked 'Lousaban ' shoved with AK - the board was all low cards. Then 4 handed I raised with 99 UTG+1, and was called by the BB. The flop came 3Q5 both of us checked, I was then rewarded with a 9 on the turn - and the added bonus of BB betting 200 into, I continued my policy of betting my good hands hard and re-raised to 1k, the BB called the raise. The flop brought a possible flush, so I decided to just check it down and raked a nice pot to give me the chip lead.
I was never headed from here on in, and finished Heads Up against a player who I have great respect for 'Mikesaban' - I have never seen Mike play heads up, but I do think my heads up play is probably one of the stronger points of my game. Although it lasted 17 hands, I felt pretty comfortable all the way through, and finally won holding AK vs JQ and calling Mikes Open-Ended Straight draw on a K92 board, the turn and River only improved my hand giving me the full house Kings over 9s.
I win at last 'phew', plus earn points towards a Snowball place later in the Year.
But not letting myself get carried away, my 'Siesta' continues.

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