Monday, August 20, 2007

Al Capone and the Creswell Speakeasy

Played in the 'Deepstacks' game on Friday night at AceofClubs the Game was 10,000 chips and 30 minute blinds. I thought I played OK, although I truthfully never picked up a single premium hand all night.
My best Pocket pair was 99 and best Ace was with a Jack. As I never had a good starting hand I was reliant on stealing pots, and playing drawing hands, consequently I never really had a good stack - but remained around the 10,000 mark for about 4 hrs. I got lucky for once when with about 7,000 chips I called an All-In on a raggy board with the AJ I mentioned previous, this player had been bluffing all night at pots and showing down garbage - so I thought he was at it again, but he showed KK - oops !!. I then hit my Ace on the turn and doubled up.
Finally about Midnight we made the final table, it was quite weird, the music had stopped playing and an air of relative peace and quiet resided over the few stalwarts that remained.
I felt as though I was playing cards in some 'Speakeasy' - after hours, waiting for the raid by the 'G-Men' any minute - or some rival gang to come through the door Machine Guns a blazing.
Another 2 hours later and neither Al Capone or the FBI had bothered to turn up, and there was 6 of us left with 5 paid. I had just seen my chipstack reduced, calling an All-In from a previous short stack and losing 77 vs QQ, so not wishing to play all that time without some return, I made a deal with the other short stack on the table and we agreed to split our winnings 50/50 guaranteeing our buy-in back (all bar about 50p).
Things were getting a little desperate a few hands later - so before I was paying my blinds again, I pushed with JTs and was called by the Chip Leader in the BB - he turned QT. We both made a pair but his QQT beat my JJT so I said farewell, now I had to face an adversary much worse then Al Capone, in the shape of the Missus - when I got home about 230am

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