Monday, August 20, 2007

Newcastle, near Blackpool

After my late night Friday I had to rise early Saturday to take my Missus to the Bus Station for 7am, as she was going on a shopping weekend to the North East for the Weekend - visiting the Metro Centre on Saturday and a couple of Markets on the journey home Sunday.

They stayed the night at 'The Grand Hotel', Hartlepool - which apparently wasn't that grand but was in Hartlepool.
Anyway speaking to her on the phone that evening, she happened to ask

"How near are we to Blackpool ?" - (We had been to Blackpool a few weeks ago)
"Er, not that near" - I replied - "What makes you ask"
"Well we drove to Hartlepool, and we could see the sea out of the window of the Coach"
"Yes, that would be The North Sea, not the Irish Sea"
"Are you sure", she asked, "Because when I looked out the sea was on the Passenger side of the Bus, same as it was when we went to Blackpool" ......
.....[Pause while I break into fits of laughter at the end of the phone]


BurnleyMik said...


Never let her live that one down!!! ahahaha

dD said...

seriously lmfao !!

if yer missus finds you've posted this you might find yourself dumped in one of said seas !!