Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Keeping to the Limit

I got so fed up with all things Poker over last week that I've withdrawn all my winnings from my accounts with the exception of Pokerstars (for the Ace of Clubs Weekly Tourney) - and a couple were I don't have the minimum required to withdraw.
My terrible luck (form?) continues in the STT, and I'm even having a bad time with Football Manager !! I can't even cash in a Min Buy-In STT at the minute, so I've given them a rest over the last few days.

My cash game is crap, and my STT form is crap - and I haven't got time to devote to a MTT, so I was in a Poker rut - scared to play yet wanting to play. So I decided to try a bit of Limit Poker and logged onto Pokerstars looking for a suitable game, and decided to try a Cash HORSE game, and so far, so good. I'm playing only good starting hands in all the disciplines and I've managed to win about $20 both sessions I've been on (about 2hrs each session) which I'm pretty pleased with at 0.25/0.5 Level.

Another bright moment in the week yesterday, when I was offered a free $50 for playing a single raked hand on the new WPT site - which I did playing Limit Holdem.

I'm sure the STT form will come back but for now I keeping to the Limit.


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