Saturday, September 08, 2007

Show me the Money

The other month whilst looking for a Cheap MTT to play in, I stumbled across a Freeroll on CD Poker promoted by 'Pokerlistings' - now I know I receive EMails from them, although I can't remember what there site looks like, but I clicked in it and attempted to register expecting a 'Fuck Off', or 'Whats the Password,Dude' type of message. Much to my surprise it allowed me to register, although the tournament was about 3 weeks in the future and I thought I'd probably forget I had registered anyhow.
So I decided to set an AOL Reminder - and yesterday it reminded me that it was today at 7pm.
So after rushing back from the video shop, and curry house I settled down 20 minutes into the tourney with 60 runners, and find myself on a table with only 2 other 'players' and 7 sitouts. The standard was pretty poor all around and eventually 2 hours later I finished second for a very nice $200 !!

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