Saturday, September 08, 2007

Barry Norman Revived

I took the wife to the Cinema the other night, she had seen the promos for the new Kiera Knightly film 'Atonement'. All I knew about the film was that the wife said 'it was a love story', so I expected to be pretty bored for the duration of our visit.

However I was pleasantly surprised, an excellently produced film, well acted and an enjoyable 2 hrs viewing. Plus I know she's got a figure resembling an Ironing Board, but Miss Knightly can look damned sexy at times.

Film Trivia Question
Why is it when I have Popcorn at the pictures I always have to spend about an hour of the film trying to suck out the bits of 'husk' that manage to get stuck in my teeth ?

We also hired out a DVD tonight, starring another sexy Ironing Board of an actress, in the shape of Sandra Bullock. The was called 'Premonition' - I wish I could have had one, and I would have realised the film was tripe and saved my £3.95

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