Monday, September 10, 2007

Sunday,Bloody Sunday

I've spent almost all this weekend laying a laminate floor in the Hall, we (me and my dad) had already successfully done the floors in the Living Room and Dining Room, but as I feared the Hall was a different challenge altogether.
If I can use a Poker Analogy, then ,being a square room that was free from obstacles and with just the one doorway to tackle, the Dining Room was equivalent to a $1 STT - not difficult, and a good place to start out for a couple of beginners. The Living Room with a Fireplace to cut around, and a curved wall akin to a $10 MTT - more tricky and requires that little extra to come away with a decent result (we hired a circular saw for this one !). Then we came to the Hall, 5 Doorways, and stairs coming into the equation, this was like a $100 Deepstack - requiring a lot of patience , a few fancy plays and a couple of Tricky 'Squeeze' plays (on the last 2 Doorways !) to pull it out of the bag.

I'd like to say that we managed to come away with the top prize, but after 9 hrs Saturday and 10 hrs Sunday we are just down to the Heads Up stage, (having the final 2 pieces to put in, and then the beading to sort out round the edge) - our Chip Stack took a huge hit on the final hand of the night, when the laminate from a board we had laid earlier chipped off, but I'm pretty confident we can have the game in the bag by close of play Tuesday

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