Monday, September 10, 2007

We really should get out more

By the time I'd called time on the floor laying (post below), and had a bath to remove the copious amounts of sawdust that was produced, it was late evening before I sat down with my tea in front of the TV.

There was nothing of any great interest on,so we ended up with ITV1 playing whilst we troughed through our Chicken Legs and Jacket Spuds. The programme airing was called Britain's Favourite View, prime time Sunday evening viewing if ever I've seen it !!

All I can say is that ITV must be struggling for Advertising Revenue, this must be one of the most pointless programmes I have seen in a long while. This was just an exercise to get people to donate to the ITV coffers, 4 celebrities effusing about what they thought should be called Britain's Favourite 'View' and asking the 'Brain Dead' viewing Public to vote for the one they thought was best. I thought they had banned these phone vote programmes ?? - at least Sky are up front about there Pay per View programmes. These phone vote programmes (£1-00 a text plus your regular network charge) are just like Pay per View for those on a budget.

The choice of presenter for this mind numbing programme was (Sir) Trevor McDoughnut, if people who had begun watching from the start were still awake by the end then they deserved a medal - his a fuckin' Newsreader for gods sake, he has a voice that resounds at just the one level, no personality and the only time he has ever heard the word humour, was when he misread his auto-cue on the news the day David Beckham bought an expensive Jeep.

Then to top it all they declared at the end - that THIS YEARS WINNER was 'Wasdale' (in the Lake District), as though this is going to become a yearly event !! - I would imagine 'Wasdale' has taken 3 Billion years to become as beautiful as it is now and its hardly likely to change an awful lot in the near future, so what are we expecting to challenge for the title next year ?? - has Mother Nature got some fresh faced new upstart in the wings waiting to come along and knock 'Old Was' from the number 1 position.

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BurnleyMik said...

Please tell me you didn't really watch it...... Please!!!

Surely watching paint drying would be more fun??? LOL