Thursday, September 06, 2007

What goes around, comes around

I've amended my STT $2 Bankroll build slightly after reading this months Inside Poker, where they suggest a 6-Month Plan to build from $200 (which was my Roll for the initial challenge) to $5000 either by STT's or Cash Games.
So I've decided to try the STT route. It suggests starting at $10 Level until you get the roll up to $500. Now I thought $10 would be a little higher standard for me, but perhaps I was selling myself a little short. The first 2 games the standard was pretty poor - but I managed to finish 5th in both losing AA vs ATo, when 4 diamonds fell to go with his Ace of Diamonds. Second game I went out QQ vs KQ when he hit his K on the flop - followed by the comment 'Glad he's gone , he raised too much !!'.
So I begin to think after those first 2 matches that it was a case of same old,same old - bad beat city etc. But I thought I would continue, and this morning it was me dishing out the beats - (although in my defense I had already made the money when these all occurred)

Bad Beat 1 - I hold K4c, and on a flop of 5J7 rainbow my opponent pushes all in, I call for all my chips holding King High, and hit the King on the River - he turned 88

Bad Beat 2 - against same Player, on a flop of 64Q I raise holding A4, he goes all-in and I call, he Turns Q6 and I mange to hit another 4 on the River for Trips, to bust him out of game.

Bad Beat 3 - Final Hand, I have 2-1 Chip Lead. On a flop of 8K7 my opponent pushes all in, I call holding K2 he shows KT I hit my 2 on the river to win the tourney.

And you know what I didn't feel guilty one bit

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BurnleyMik said...

LOL loving it when you are dishing out the beats!

but I really cant understand the kall with King High on bad-beat one!!!!