Thursday, October 25, 2007

Red Light for Amsterdam

Played in a Freeroll for entry to the Amsterdam Classic tonight, unfortunately after briefly flirting with 1st place, I eventually went out in 5th place of 142 entrants, still gave me a nice return of $107 (€75), so wasn't to displeased.I played one bad hand when the blinds where huge, making a weak looking 3xBB raise to steal the blinds, and got hit with an all-in re-raise. I could have found out the same information with a minimum raise as he would have been pot committed calling the min raise, from that I never really had the hands to recover.
Its very important to show patience when the blinds are so big, as winning just one hand when the blinds are huge is usually good enough to give you a nice chip lead. When there are only a few players on the table then the aggression needs to take precedent, but with a full table its a patient approach that is needed.

Another member of one of the two Poker Forums I frequent won the first prize, although he lives in the Hebrides, so I don't envisage he will get much change from the €1k expenses after flight,accommodation, food and any 'extras' he may need while taking in the cultural side of the city.

But good luck to 'glceud' - and think back to the rivered King you hit when you pushed all in against my QQ pockets. !!

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