Thursday, October 25, 2007

Grumpy Old Man

Been off work this week, doing very little. Been dabbling in various variations of cash and STT's on Full Tilt - with Mixed success.My Hold 'Em is a little ropey at the minute, but had some success with RAZZ,STUD HI, OMAHA and HORSE STT's.

My missus and daughter are also off this week, so I was volunteered to go Christmas Shopping on Tuesday, we live about 20mins from Derby - so went to have a look around the re-vamped Town Centre shopping complex. From a blokes perspective its bloody rubbish - not one specialised Music Shop, not one specialised Computer Shop, not one specialised Electric Shop, not one decent Bookshop (WH Smith excluded) and no Bookies either (although I don't think I've ever seen a Bookies in one of these modern shopping precincts). It's only saving grace was there were plenty of Coffee Shops to sit in while the ladies went round the numerous clothes and shoe shops.

I also came across something during the one time I got dragged into a 'Young Trendy' clothes shop, which I found quite disturbing. Now I always thought I had very liberal views on life -a 'Live and Let Live' type of philosophy, but either I'm turning into a grumpy old man - or my moral standards are getting higher. I was waiting for the ladies whilst they looked around a shop called 'Buzybodies', standing near the exit in the vicinity of two speakers blaring out young peoples music. The loudness wasn't really the problem, and my Music taste is quite varied, I can listen to most kinds.(with the exception of some of that Thrash Metal garbage)
No, the problem was the content of the Music - not that I could tell everything that was been sung (or more accurately rapped), as the language of the 'street' is not my Mother Tongue.- (yo. ).

However I could make out a few words those being .......
...'Kill yourself'

.... there was no 'bleepin' just good old fashioned profanities, blaring out of the speakers .

I'm sure the lyrics mean a lot to the suppressed brothers, and the performing artist (I use 'artist' in the very general sense of the word) but if someone wishes to listen to this in the comfort of their own home, then that's fine, but not in a clothes shop in a busy shopping arcade in Derby. I could even understand if some gang of youths were sat round the back of the Mall, hanging out ,smoking dope and listening to this garbage.But is it really necessary to have it blaring out in a clothes shop ??
If I had sung along to the lyrics, apart from getting some really weird looks from the young kids and mothers in the shop, I would probably have been grabbed by security and thrown out of the precinct.
I was a bit of a Punk Rocker in my younger days and Ian Dury, The Sex Pistols and the Anti-Nowhere League used language far worse than that in their lyrics, but we never used to have it piped through the tannoy in C&A.

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