Sunday, October 21, 2007

DTD -vs- RTR Round1

Played in the RTR - DTD League promotion tonight, finished on the bubble, first 3 shared a $300 Prize Pool, but I was deserted by Lady Luck just at the crucial times.
Both against Kronstadt, firstly when he raised as a Shorter Stack than me, and I went over the top with my pocket 9's - he showed Pockets 2's and hit his set on the River. That would have put me second in Chips - instead I was now 5th of 6. I kept pushing and picking up the blinds then with 4 left I pushed again against Kronstadt, I was holding A7, he called with 97, unfortunately the next 4 cards off the deck where Clubs and he held the 9 whilst I held the 7 !!
Well hopefully I can continue to pick up points in the league and qualify for the live event at the DTD Club, there are still 4 rounds to go.

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Amatay said...

Nice result m8, ul with the pocket neufs