Sunday, October 21, 2007

Really Should have gone to specsavers

If you have read my posts in September you would know that I had been playing a bit of Limit Poker, in the differing variations, with some HORSE Cash games. I had kept a record of each 'section' of my HORSE play, to see what was my strongest and weakest games.
By far the most profitable was RAZZ, and the only other variant I was showing a profit in was STUD HIGH LOW. My worse variant by a Long,Long way was OMAHA HIGH LOW this was 8 Times worse than any other.
As everyone had gone to bed early tonight, I thought I'd have a go at an MTT, I play very few buy-in MTT's - the ones I usually end up playing are the Poker Magazine Freerolls, or Forum private tourneys, which are (in the case of the Magazine Freerolls) oversubscribed , or (in the case of the Forum tourneys) full of above average recreational players. So both for differing reasons are difficult to cash in. In my normal Poker evenings I will play a little cash game, or a STT.

So looking on Full Tilt I saw a $5 tourney about to start in 5 minutes, with just 120 ish players entered - it was in STUD HIGH LOW, which I was OK with, as it was my second most profitable HORSE variant game. Anyway I made a coffee and sat down waiting for it to start, first hand I'm dealt .............. 4 Cards (?)....... another misread by Martyn !! Not content with just reading a single hand incorrectly, as I did Friday at the live game, this time I managed to read a whole tournament incorrectly !! - I was playing OMAHA HIGH LOW ! - which was by far my worst HORSE variant !

Anyway the Pokergods must have been smiling down on me, as, after hardly playing a hand for the first 3 or so levels, I began to pick up some good starting hands. I eventually finished 2nd for a nice return of $104, and to be quite honest I was very pleased with my play.

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Congrats mate!!

Nice work!