Tuesday, November 20, 2007

2 Steps Back - 1 Step Forward

I have been running quite well in the $25 buy-in Cash games on Full Tilt so decided to dabble in a $50 buy-in one last night - I managed to lose a buy in and a bit in 30 minutes !!
Played like a complete muppet, yet on the 2 lower buy-in ones I managed to be quite disciplined. So that made a big dent in my monthly profit, and i decided best policy was to keep plugging away on the lower buy-ins until I recouped my losses and then some, before venturing on to the next buy-in
So before I went to work this morning I had a 20minute session and scraped back $18, then tonight I have had another crack at a couple of Low Buy In STT's on Betfair. I managed to win one and place 3rd in the other.
My STT game used to be quite good at these levels, but since I started playing cash games a little more my STT has taken a big dip in form - although I do think that there are far fewer awful STT players around nowadays, about a year ago you could guarantee that at least 3 people would be out before the first level has completed, and the Betfair games used to last around 50-60 minutes. Nowadays the seem to be taking between 60-70 minutes to complete.
In fact I used to use the time elapsed as a guide to reaching the money

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