Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Time for a Quickie

I had a rare crack at an MTT tonight, I found a $5 buy-in one on Betfair that was a Turbo, with 130 players. I don't really play Turbos very often but decided (correctly as it turned out) that people would be in a hurry to amass chips quickly, and some of the all-ins that were being shown were quite awful. So I took the opposite approach and played tight, and looked for opportunities when I had good position.

I managed to double up quite early on when I limped with 22 and hit my set, that put me in about 30th and there I remained until with about 40 left I doubled up again when I picked up the best hand I had seen all night QQ.

From then on I stole a few blinds with 'Good Hands' - and doubled up when I was in BB with Q4 and got 2 limpers - with the blinds now at 800/1600 - the flop came down 9Q9 so I pushed hoping for 2 folds, but I got one to call my all-in and he turned 88, so I doubled up and found myself in top 4 with about 16 left.

I then got to the final 3 without much difficulty and finally won the tourney when with 3 left and lying in a close 3rd place, I push with 44, against the Chip Leader who calls with A8 and doesn't improve.

This makes me big chip leader and next hand the second placed person decides to push against my BB, I call with KQ and he shows K8 - he busts out in 3rd.

I'm then dealt 77 and the other guy who barely has enough chips to pay the blinds calls with garbage and I win first prize of $195 very nice !!

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