Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hot Streak

Played 2 more MTT's on Betfair last night, both $5 Buy-Ins. In the first one I was going well, until my mind began to wander and I got a little bored. Eventually busted playing a hand when I knew I was behind. Finished 42 of 130.
So fired up another one, and in an effort to keep my interest during the first hour or so - i fired up a couple of 6 Handed Turbo STT's. This definitely had the desired effect, reducing the amount of hands I played in the early stages of the MTT - and I also cashed in one of the STT's. So after holding my interest for the first Hour with the STT's, I then concentrated solely on the MTT until its conclusion. To be honest I did have one massive amount of luck with this hand

Lucky Bastard Me

But after that was always there or thereabouts, anyway 3 hours later I won the tourney for a return of $109. That's 2 wins out of 3 in the Betfair STT's - I now wait for the RNG to reek its revenge !!

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BurnleyMik said...

Betfair tourneys only have very small feilds, am i right? Anyways congrats on the win!!

Any chance you link up the new blog?