Thursday, November 29, 2007

RNG Revenge

As predicted in my last post, the RNG gets his revenge !!

Excellently placed in 8th on MTT (Super Turbo) on Betfair when I get AA in the hole - 1 raise before me, I push all-in, and a shorter stack calls. The initial raiser has me covered by about 50 chips and he calls also. He turns KQs and hits KK on flop and turn - Out I go.
Then cash games on Full Tilt (aptly named site tonight) - I put in a pot raise Pre-Flop on the button with AJ Diamonds, 1 caller. He bets flop of 85T (2 Diamonds), I min-raise and he flat calls. The turn is K Diamonds, giving me Nut Flush - I put in another 3/4 pot bet, he calls River is an 8 caller Checks - I put in a value bet and he pushes all-in !?! I call the remaining $5 and hes hit the Full House,with Runner,Runner holding K8. 1 Buy-In gone.

5 Hands later I call a raise in BB holding QAs flop comes 8Q4, I bet preflop limper calls. Turn is another Q - he pushes all-in. I call. He turns QT river is ... you guessed it a Ten. 2nd Buy-In gone.
5 Hands later I lose another 1/2 Buy-In with Full House Tens/Over Jacks against Aces/Over Jacks.
5 Hands later I switch off.

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