Sunday, November 04, 2007

My First Time

I've suddenly found how to Multi Table ! -without an adverse effect on my Bankroll. I've been playing 4 (yes 4 !) Tables at a time on the $25 Buy-In Cash Tables on Full Tilt. Had a terrible first session, although just one major rick on my behalf, but since then I've turned it around to show $66 profit from 28 hrs Table Time - which I'm quite happy with.

One 'problem' with Multi Tabling is that you don't always get time to sit and watch a hand to its conclusion, as the other tables pop up to demand your attention.During one such hand I made a min raise whilst 1 off the button holding Qh Th , after having 1 limper before me, he made the bet up and there was just the two of us left in the pot.The flop came a wonderful Kd Jd Ah giving me the nut strait, he checked and I put in a pot size bet at which point he went All-In for his remaining $4-70 - Super Smashing. At this point another table demanded my attention so I clicked away, as there was nothing left I could do with that hand, thinking I was a Shoo-In for the money.

Anyway as I thought when I went back to the table I had the money in my pot - but I was just curious to see what he had gone all in with, so opening the hand history I was somewhat puzzled as he had been playing K9 yet the board had ended up with 2 Kings,2 Jacks and an Ace, which gave him the Full House Kings over Jacks ?? How had I won then as I had only got the straight ? then I realised that the last 2 cards of the deck where Jh Kh giving me my first ever Royal Flush - I had bloody missed it !

All I could think about was how pissed of the other guy must have been when he realised he had hit his Full House, only for my cards to show a Royal Flush

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