Sunday, November 04, 2007

Life on the Road - This Week Chester

I'm away again for 3 nights this week, although this time I'm on a course with no other colleagues from work - so I may turn for solace to the Poker Sites on my Laptop, if I can put the cost onto my works expenses (as I'll be doing plenty of Emailing for work also, of course !)
I'm in Chester this week, as a change from Milton Keynes - if anyone knows of anywhere I can get a Live Game in that area then let me know. I did a while ago join Rileys Snooker Clubs to take advantage of the Poker Tourneys, so may have a look and see if there are any of those in the vicinity of the Hotel

EDIT :- I've just had a look and there is one nearby, but Poker is played Monday 1930 start, and Thursday 1930 start - I'll be at the Hotel for about 2030 Monday and come back home after the course finishes Thursday, so manage to miss both nights !

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