Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sunday is a busy night

Sunday always seems to be a busy night with Tournaments, but I find I tend to lose my concentration when I play too many, I actually begin getting distracted reading the chat box - so apologies if I ignored anyone earlier whilst I was playing the Inside Poker Freeroll on Laddies, and the RTR-DTD Qualifier Round 4 on DTD.

The laddies was a deepstack, tourney and I was pretty pleased with my play, managed to finish 59 of 400+ and went out with the best preflop hand - when my shove with 99 was called by A3 and he ended up with a full house 3's full of Aces. Enjoyed the game with a little more post flop play in the earlier rounds.I only saw 2 premium hands in this all night - AA which made a split pot when I got it all-in against someone else holding AA, and I had KK and managed to win the blinds !

I was also pleased with my play in the DTD/RTR game, eventually getting lucky on the river (first time in the night - mind you !!) when heads up against Dudloi. I always felt pretty comfortable through the game, the only downside was I had to knock out Mike (Saban) on the bubble when he pushed A2 into my AJ. Hopefully this win will put me in the top 4 of the mini-league, as they are the ones who automatically qualify for the live tourney at Notts.

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