Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Somewhere back in the early days of blogging a tag was started by Charles Babbage, this required Bill Gates to tell the blogging public 7 interesting things about himself. Being a bit of a Computer Geek he could only manage 1 interesting fact so passed the 'tag' onto a more interesting friend, and so tagging began.....after 20 years, 6months it finally arrived at my blog via Mike Saban
I don't usually do these chain things, but so not to be a boring fart here are my 7 'not-so' interesting facts about myself .

1.About 8 years ago I appeared in three consecutive episodes of a BBC daytime quiz, hosted by Eamon Holmes called Pass the Buck - on my third appearance I won the main prize of a Television and Video Recorder.The telly was replaced early this year and the video packed in just last month.

2. I ran my own village bookies for 4 years in the 1990's - I suffered what poker players would call a big downswing in variance, and eventually called it a day in 1994 absolutely skint, and having to start building our lives and finances from scratch.

3. I was quite bright at school but flunked my O'levels, meaning I had to go back to college to re-sit them. I only manged a term before the lure of £23 per week on a YOP scheme in a warehouse dragged me away. I did however meet my wife at college, I was going to wait until after Christmas to ask her out - so I wouldn't have to fork out for a Christmas present. But my pending departure forced me to ask her out on the 18th December. I ended up buying her a fold up umbrella and a pair of slippers that Xmas !! (and she bought me 'Dare' by the Human League)

4. I passed my exams to become a soccer referee, did it for 1 season getting the rookie referee of the year award for the Rowsley and District Youth League. The following year I was thumped in the face by the Manager of an Under 11's side whilst refereeing a Cup Quarter final. I packed in refereeing shortly afterwards

5.I wanted to go to acting school when I left school, but didn't have the guts to tell my Mum and Dad.

6.I won entry to this years WSOP via a freeroll on Full Tilt. It was a Seven Card Stud tournament and that was the first time I had every played that form of Poker. I didn't cash in the WSOP, but enjoyed Vegas greatly and hope to win another trip next year !!

7.I went on a Ski-ing trip to Italy when I was 14, spent 1 hour on the slopes - broke my leg and spent the rest of the holiday bedbound with my leg in pot, didn't spend a thing all week and managed to lose my wallet with all my money at the airport on the journey home. But amazingly a friend I played football with from a neighboring school who flew from the same airport the following week was given it to bring home for me.

That's it, now the difficult part asking someone who hasn't been tagged already to partake of some information. So i'll try one of the blogs i frequent quite often and who is alwayd good for a bit of humorous information Pud


BurnleyMik said...

Asked Pud? OH NO!! Now you have opened a can of worms!! LOL

Thats rough about the bookies and the refereeing mate. I thought bookies couldn't lose??

Oh well I guess you live and learn!

Anonymous said...

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