Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Dinner - Shaken not Stirred

It was the works Christmas Dinner yesterday, and for works fodder it was an excellent meal. One quite funny aspect of the service was, due to the number of people being served, they had the regular cook serving the meat,stuffing,bacon bit etc and another lady dishing out the potatoes and vegetables.
Now the lady who had the job of dishing out the vegetables and potatoes usually just does preparation, or serves on the till. Shes a lovely woman quite plump, mid 50's and has what appears to be a mild form of Parkinsons Disease - which means her hands are constantly shaking. The awkward thing was that yesterday this lady apart from just dishing out the vegetables, also had to put the gravy on the plates, dished out in a huge ladle - so consequently as she poured the gravy the hand holding the ladle was shaking and the hand holding the plate was shaking, giving a spray of gravy all around your plate edge.
This wouldn't have been too bad except that as all the food was laid out in the serving bowls they had placed the large bowl of gravy next door to the large bowl of custard, which was waiting for dessert.
By the time everyone had been through for dinner there was as much gravy mixed in with the custard as there was left in the gravy bowl.

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