Thursday, December 20, 2007

Holding my Own

I've eased off the Poker for a while, just played a couple of STT's last night unplaced in one when again my rashness caused my downfall, after lying 5th with 14 left in a 45 Man STT - I raise to 600 with JJ on the button, following on from 2 limper's. But the Small Blind who is Chip Leader then pushes All-In. I foolishly call knowing at best hes playing AQ,AK - or I'm a big underdog if hes playing AA,KK,QQ. He actually flipped over AK, which left me with a chance until the King flopped. I don't mind the loss of the race, I'm more mad with myself getting involved in one in the first place, especially when I was in such a good position in the game, and against someone who at that moment in time had more chips than me.

Earlier in the game I had a couple of times made raises and folded to strength, taking a slight hit on my chips - But had then proceeded to get the chips back and work myself back into contention - I should have done the same again.

Second game was a 9Seater and I lost in the Heads Up, after playing very well to get there.

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