Monday, December 31, 2007

Heres to 2008

Been thinking of what I want from 2008, my Poker Targets I'll publish on my 'Poker Blog' my more general ones are here.

1. Be (significantly) lighter this time next Year than I am this year - I'm currently around 15st, and have an abdomen so round that Bob Geldof would probably already be planning Live Aid '08 if he ventured across it.

2. Get out into the Countryside more - We spent the summer this year doing up the House, so more of next years Summer will be spent walking through the beautiful Derbyshire countryside.

3. Get a job I enjoy - I have during the last 6 months taken up a new Supervisory role where I work, and, although the money is good, to be truthful it's fucking boring and I either need to find another career path, although thats not easy at my time of life or I need to find a better job within the same company, or industry.

4. Have another go at a Television Quiz show - I appeared on a TV Quiz called 'Pass the Buck' around 8 or so years ago, and in the interim have missed chances to be at one of the first auditions for contestants on 'Deal or No Deal', and a place on contestants row on 'Who wants to be a Millionaire'

5. Get a hobby outside of Poker

All are attainable, whether I do them or not thats the difficult bit. But whatever happens lets hope 2008 is a good one for all of us.


Cloud said...

There are hobbies outside of poker??

voiceofjoe said...

I don't know - if I find out i'll let you know :)

BTW - How about a RTR team on Eggheads to complete number 4 ??

Dremeber said...

Good luck with the challenges for 2008. Best wishes.

Does writing about poker on your blog as a hobby besides poker?