Sunday, December 30, 2007


I've set myself up with a Rakeback account on Betfair, its my favorite site, and I've always done pretty well on the cash games on there. I've also cleared out a lot of dormant accounts, and put the cash into my savings set up.
With the dregs I had left in my Virgin account, I am intending to build that up through the cash tables and use the winnings to qualify for Aprils Virgin Poker Weekend - as I only had a couple of half hearted attempts at qualifying for the last one, and it sounded like a good weekend.
I've also been 'given' a free $15 in my Party Poker account, in the past when i have been given these bonuses I have donked it away within the evening - but I had an Hour or so on the cash tables with this $15 and have run it up to $60 - so I'll endeavour to keep that 'roll' on the ascendancy.

Still thinking about my targets for 2008 - I will commit them to 'cyberspace' shortly.

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