Saturday, December 29, 2007

The married mans guide to buying presents

Wasn't sure what to buy the wife for Christmas, buying a gift voucher isn't quite apt, so as we had a small bonus at work this year I thought I'd spend that on some jewellery for her. I wasn't sure what to buy her so I plumped for a safe option of a Gold and Diamond necklace, and being a bloke I took the easy option and bought it from Argos.

Come Christmas Day she opened her pressie, but wasn't overly enamoured with it - !! - I think the fact it came from Argos didn't bode well. So Boxing Day off we trot to Argos to take it back, the queue wasn't as bad as I had expected, but she wasn't going to look for anything else, so I let her tootle off back to the car while I waited for the refund.

10 minutes later I've had the cash from the jewellery refunded and return to the car after spending it on a Wii Games Console !! - Turns out that the necklace was probably the best present I've ever bought my wife for Christmas.

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