Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Simon 'The Grinch' Cowell

As Simon Cowell smugly witnesses another 'X Factor' draw to a close, we witness another Christmas Pop Chart ruined for the nations youth. We are destined to see Leon the Warbling Dwarf fly straight to this weeks Christmas Number 1 chart position, just like Leona Lewis and Shane 'I've dropped off the Planet' Ward in the previous 2 years.

If this trend continues, then we are in danger of losing the true meaning of Christmas forever - It will be simply turned over to the greed of pop svengalis such as 'Cowell' and his bunch of fawning disciples. Never again will the children of this nation be able to enjoy Christmases like we did when we were young - being spoilt with Christmas Classics such as

'Merry Xmas Everybody' - 'Marys Boy Child' - 'Lonely this Christmas'

and the unforgettable - 'There's no-one quite Like Grandma'

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