Sunday, January 27, 2008

Another big field, Another cash, Another could have been

Another Big Field !!
Played in a 3000+ runner Freeroll tonight ($7k Prize Fund) and again went well, although I'm kicking myself for the way I went out - but you learn by your mistakes and hopefully I'll learn from this one.

I was lying in 20th place, with $53k, and sitting nicely the intention was to only play big hands in good position, or against desperate shortstacks.However I was dealt 66 in the Big Blind and the 3rd Placed player who was well chipped up raised in Mid-Position to $20k - which was 5*BB.

I said to myself Small Pocket Pair, and used coming over the top for all my stack. He took an eternity to call and when he did he showed TT - another T on the flop and my slim hopes where dashed.

Really narked about my stupidity, but I'll take it on board and learn from it. I had earlier folded AKs to a Min Raise from the then Chip Leader - and feel that was correct, and I should have shown a little more discipline this time. Still $15-40 for no outlay is a (very) small recompense

On a better note,

Congratulations to Mike Saban on qualifying for the Virgin Poker Festival - I put €75 into Virgin Poker yesterday to fund my attempts at qualification (Watch this space)


Dremeber said...

Know the feeling. And it keeps happening to me.

Anonymous said...

ul with the 66 mate dont think you played it that badly thogh just ul he had bigger PP