Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Practice Makes Perfect

Feel good with my NLHE at the moment, finished 4th in a $5 MTT on Betfair last night - One error, which cost me a lot of Chips when 4 Handed, aside I felt good with my game. Won the Poker Clubs private game tonight and finished in the money in the $10k Raked Hands Freeroll on Nordic the other night.
I've often read about 'timing' in Poker and never really understand the significance, or just never had any to recognise its worth !! However the last few days my 'timing' seems to have dropped into place.I'm pushing and stealing when I need to, raising and getting called when I want calls, calling raises when I'm ahead and folding big hands when I am behind.

I'm not winning every hand or every tourney, but I'm giving myself every chance by eliminating a lot of stupid errors. I'm also playing the 'odds' a lot more when the chances arise - if people are limping in and I have position I'm calling with most anything - most times my 42o misses the flop totally, but sometimes it hits big time and I can pick up huge pots for little outlay.

I'm not really keen on 'bulling' up my game, as I have a tendency to fall on my arse a day or so later, but hopefully I can take my game even further from here and improve again.

Not all things are rosy in the 'Ballbags' garden however, I played a HORSE MTT last night - a game I was playing a lot last year and getting decent results in - but I've not played any variants for a while and my Stud/Razz games were really missing . I suppose you can't have everything.

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