Thursday, January 31, 2008

......and then the wheels came off

As predicted in my last post as soon as I think I've got this game sussed it comes back and bites me in the arse. With a feeling of Invincibility I approached the cash tables on Betfair tonight - I thought I'd try a bigger buy in than normal and went on the $50 Buy-In NLHE game (0.50 BB).
A mixture of poor play, and no cards saw me donk off $60 before I called time.
I will now begin back on the lower buy-ins for Februarys cash games, I then tried a bigger than normal STT and busted out 6th of 6 - back to the normal buy-ins of them in February also !!

Finally I entered a $5 MTT on Betfair and pretty card dead all game, I finished 28th of 76 starters - though to be truthful in the MTT I didn't do a lot wrong, just didn't get any cards at all. I had AK once and never had any pocket pair at all.

Anyway tonight aside I've had a good month - so lets take the positive view, and on my way to the yearly target of $4k I have had a profitable month and won $554-35 in January

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