Sunday, February 03, 2008

Living in America

I won a quite a bit (for me) cash on Centrebet last month - $30 from a freeroll, and then $400 from a $5 tourney - so as my initial bankroll had come via a freeroll, I had never needed to deposit there. Unfortunately when I tried to withdraw my winnings I got a message saying that I couldn't as I lived in an illegal country.
Now last time I checked my passport I was a UK Citizen and lived in the dazzling metropolis that is Chesterfield - I know its not a perfect place, but being classed illegal was a bit harsh.
Anyway I contacted Centrebet support and eventually found the problem was that I use AOL for my Internet provider, and apparently the IP Addresses they use are linked to the United States -which is an illegal country (for online gambling). This is pretty short sighted of both companies concerned

1. AOL - why on earth give a US IP Address to people residing in other countries
2. Centrebet - AOL must be one of the largest internet service providers in the UK, and I would imagine elsewhere within Europe, surely its bad enough they aren't allowed to trade with the US without alienating a good portion of Europe as well. Centrebets solution to my problem was for me to get a different service provider !! What a fucking useful suggestion that was.

Anyway although they are clamping down bigtime on Internet Access at work I managed to get onto my Centrebet account from there. But then to withdraw to my Cash Wallet I have to make a genuine deposit, so after depositing £20 I was then allowed to withdraw my £200. It took 3 secs for my £20 deposit to be recognised, its now 3 days on and my withdrawal hasn't reached my cash Wallet yet !!
I'm not overly worried just yet, as Centrebet are a large Australian Online Bookmaker, so not a 'Delboy' type of outfit - but I'll just be glad when the money lands in my account, I'll now have to find another main 'IPoker' site to use - I think I will plump for Blue Square.

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