Sunday, February 03, 2008

Live but barely Kicking

I play at a small Poker Club about 2 times a month, we usually get around 20-30 players each Friday - and they are of widely differing standards. From the completely clueless, who are there for a Friday night pint with their mates, to the players of a good standard for an Amateur.
When I first joined, over a year ago now, I think I bubbled around 4 of the first 5 times I played, made the final table probably 8 times out of the first 10 visits and eventually cashed few times.
The last 10 or so visits I have played bloody awful, I've varied my approach from playing lots of small pots, playing 'Rock Like' all night, and have also taken the aggressive approach. In the last 10 visits I've made the fianl table once (on a 'Rock Like' style night) and eventually blinded out on the bubble.
The stucture is 15 minute blinds and 2000 starting chips - with blinds increasing (Big Blinds as follows) 50,100,150,200,300,600,1000. Last week they were down to the final table by the time the blinds were 100/200 !!
I think last week was my worst ever performance when I was 2nd out after being shortstacked and rasing big into a QJ7 pot whilst holding AQ only to get put all in by someone holding QJ. The problem as I see is that its very difficult to move people off a pot, and with the structure as it is one failed attempt leaves you struggling for chips.
I won't be able to attend this week, as we are taking my Mum and Dad to see the 'Strictly Come Dancing - Live show' at Sheffield Arena. But I'm determined to work out an optimum strategy to crack the weekly live game - hopefully it will be perfected for the big buy in game on Good Friday.

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