Thursday, February 07, 2008

Same Old,Same Old

Not much exciting happening with the game at the minute, its very similar to the start of last month. My cash game is very erratic - win a buy in one day, lose it the next. My MTT's are showing a loss - mainly due to a $15 one for the Vigin Festival that I failed in. I think I've only played 3 more small buy-ins other than that. The STT's are showing a small profit, after I've discovered the 6 Man Turbos on Poker Stars - where I've played 7 won 2 and 2nd in 2 - there's hopefully some mileage in these and a rise through the Buy-In Levels would be nice.

Hopefully the 2nd half of the month can mirror last month and I can place, or win in a couple of MTT's.

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