Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Beevers and Butt Head

The Hendon Mob series began again tonight, with 4 WSOP $4k packages up for grabs over the 15 week league. Tonight it was NLHE and I began very nicely with 3rd hand its limped around to me in the BB holding 42o with 2 other players - 1 of these being 'Hendon Mobster - Joe Beevers' flop comes 953 I check, both others check. The turn brings Ace of Diamonds - putting 3 diamonds on the board but also given me the straight. I lead out for 100 and other Limper calls then Joe makes a big raise of 580. My first thoughts were he had the flush, but then thought it was a rather large bet for the flush, and maybe he was betting to protect and didn't want another diamond on board. So I pushed all-in the other fellow folded and Joe called, showing a 99 for the set of Nines. The river blanked with a J so I ended up knocking him out and getting a $10 Credit for his bounty. - Nice Start.

But from then on it was downhill all the way - although I personally think I did little wrong and had a 'bad beat' day at the office. The 2 main pots that did for me where below

Pot 1.

I limp Btn +2 with 77, the person in the cutoff raises to 4*BB all fold round to me. I push, and he calls showing AsJs. The Flop/Turn brings 9sTcTs Kh- So he has an awful lot of outs (25 !!) but I'm still leading until the River brings an Ace.

Pot 2.

I had raised 3*BB on Button with A9- and the BB had re-raised me 10*BB more, so I fold. Next circuit I have 44 on Button, no one had entered the pot and I decide to raise 3*BB again, hoping he again tries the re-raise, and lo-behold he does. - Just what I wanted.

I then push All-In, and he ponders, at this point I know he isn't to strong but he eventually turns showing 22 - the trap is sprung and I couldn't have asked for better, thinking he may have 2 over cards if he called, as opposed to a lower pair !!

Unfortunately as they say in the Army - 'No Plan Survives Contact', and so it came to be with this plan as a 2 showed up on the river.

Bloody Marvellous !! - Still only $1 down on the tourney thanks to the Bounty, and I played well enough, even though I went out early

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