Sunday, January 20, 2008

"If Music be the Food of Love, then Play On"

The title is a quote attributed to an Elizabethan Blog Writer by the name of Billy Speers - he was apparently struck down with a violent strain of Parkinson's Disease from a young age and was cruelly named Billy 'Shakey' Speers by the people in his hometown of Stratford.

Now Bill obviously had a lot to learn about the English language, and probably knew sod all about Poker, but I found the message quite fitting to describe my new method for holding my concentration in long tournaments.......... Music !!

I have a tendency to read, surf the net, wander into the kitchen and make sandwiches etc. whilst playing long MTT's, or I would open a STT to keep my mind active through the dead periods.
Anyhow, I have now started putting a loop of around 6 tracks on Media Player - they must be upbeat or easy to sing along too - and whilst Clicking my mouse with my right hand I tap out the rhythm with my left hand on an imaginary drum set placed on my Computer desk.

Tonight whilst doing this I played through a 4 1/2 hour tourney - only going away from the Table during 'official' breaks, and finished in a very nice 3rd place for $111.

Tonight's play list consisted of

  1. Homecoming by Kanye West
  2. Dare by Gorrillaz
  3. Everybody Needs Somebody from the 'Blue Brothers Soundtrack'
  4. Lollipop by Mika
  5. American Idiot by Green Day (This is a homage to Daniel Negraneau, it was the nearest thing I could find until someone records a track called 'Canadian Cunt')

    and finally

  6. Jake the Peg by Rolf Harris.

I now need to get them onto my MP3 player ready for my next live game

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Anonymous said...

very nice result mate!!

great stuff