Monday, January 07, 2008

Poker Player / Betfair Grand Prick

Played in leg 3 of the Poker Player Betfair Freeroll tonight, hoping for another final table finish to go alongside last months. Tonight's tourney was a Turbo, in more ways than one, I ended up dumped out after a mere 15 minutes. Raising 1 limper 3xBB, holding AK, whilst sat in the Big Blind the limper calls - and I'm presented with a flop of 5A5.

I check, trying to make like I wasn't playing an Ace - and he bets - I think its a steal bet and call. The turn brings a 9 and I check, as does he. The river brings a Ten, I check again whereupon he bets pot size bet of 360 - I foolishly go over the top All-In and he calls turning 75, for trips.

He played the hand very well, I never put him on the 5 at all (although the call of my BB raise was a little dodgy, although he was well chipped up, and it was a pretty easy hand to get away from) - think I was an idiot going all-in as I was only beating a stone cold bluff, I should have just check called the river.

But hey-ho 7 rounds left to better my score.

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